Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Evening

We had a short work day today.  Most teams wrapped up at noon so we could take in the sights of Nashville.  Two vans have returned - three remain out on the town!

Tomorrow we will head back to the work sites in the morning and head back to Westminster around 3:30.  Many of us are anxious about what we will get finished, or perhaps better said - what we will have to leave undone.  No doubt all those who make these trips share the disappointment in not being able to see jobs to completion.  But we have made a difference in the lives of those to whom we have ministered.

This will be the last post I will make.  (Stephanie)  Gary and Lisa will share closing thoughts about the trip when they return and get back onto a working computer and I will try to erase any traces of his password from my brain so I can't highjack his future blogs.

I think most in the group are ready to come home.  We miss you all!  We plan to be on the bus at 9pm tomorrow and back to Clarion mid morning on Saturday.  We will probably be a bit fussy and tired, so just give us a hug, do a lot of nodding and then really talk to us on Sunday! 

Thank you again for your prayers - and here is an extra one from us for our friend Marilyn.  We will miss you on the bus ride home (and Sandy too) and hope your healing has already begun.

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Here is how you comment on the blog if yuo don't have a google account.   We miss hearing from everyone and are sorry that you haven't been able to sign in. Our computer died when we arrived here and we haven't been able to access anything until now because of other responsibilities.

Please keep Marilyn Tully in your prayers.  She has arrived home and is headed to an orthopedic surgeon early on Friday morning.
Gary & Lisa Lyon

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Mike's Team

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Evening

The group just finished dinner and preparing for devotions. There has been a talk by some about a trip to Dairy Queen a little later. 

We are responsible for cooking our meals, but tonight was a special meal hosted by the church.  Each Wednesday evening they have a church-wide fellowship meal.  There was about 15 children there who had just finished choir practice.  They lead grace with the singing of Johnny Appleseed.  We noticed some people who came in for take out meals.  (members make reservations in advance)  Homeowners are invited but none of those we are serving were able to attend.   Also in the building tonight is their outreach program, "A Room at the Inn".  It is a homeless outreach program shared by a number of churches in the Nashville area.  Once a month up to 20 people who are homeless are given a meal, a place to shower, and a place to sleep. 

Time for devotions... more in a bit

Patreen lead devotions tonight which was followed by a time of sharing our experiences for the day.  The work crews from Westminster are thrilled with our progress and thankful we were willing to come so close to the holidays.  As we complete these big jobs it will make it easier for them to work over the next couple months on punch lists that will wrap up many of the homes.  The corridinator shared tonight at dinner they still have 74 homes on the work list.   

As the night comes to an end, a large group has huddled around the new puzzle.  Others have gone to bed for the night and some are enjoying conversation and planning their activities tomorrow afternoon.  We will work until noon, come back and shower and then make the transition from workers to tourists. 

The not-so-good thing today was the injury of one of our workers.  Marilyn was on a ladder screwing in drywall.  As she stepped off the ladder she thought she had reached the last step.  Unfortunately there was one more step.  As she tried to break her fall she broke her wrist.  Lisa took her to the ER where she received treatment.  Her sister Sandy is also on the trip.  Together they decided it would be best for her to fly home because of the discomfort of the bus.  So they will head back to PA early tomorrow morning.  Marilyn's wrist has been immobilized and she said she is currently not in pain. She will follow up with doctors in PA when she returns home. Please keep her in your prayers.  Her spirits are high and she still has the beautiful smile on her face.  What a trooper!
New BFFs - Donna and Autumn

The tool room - getting ready for the day

They love their jobs!

Tool gathering

Jason's Team - an new day

What a productive day.  Our team worked hard on a family's basement in which several children lived.  Our work day started off with the crew sweeping floors and covering furniture and preparing for the sanding of drywall mudding.  What a dusty job!  We had a cloud of dust that prevented those with cameras from takin clear pictures.

We broekd for lunch and then it was back to work!  jason broke us into groups.  Half the group had the jb of priming the walls of one of the three rooms.  The rest of us were sent to mud the walls.

By the end of the work day we made it to the last room and everyone pitched in.  Everyone had a blast!  Tomorrow's events will include more mudding, priming and painting.    (Reported by Autumn)
 Team Jason - Day One

Moving of the gravel pile (by hand) to the driveway.  The football team and cheerleaders couldn't handle it so we had to do it!

Digging holes for a privacy fence.  We have not been able to complete this job yet due to rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Donna - hard at work! 

Jason's Team

On Monday we were working at the home of Debbie Jefferson, a woman who ran a family day care out of her home. The storm water left Debbie's house uninhabitable and unable to function as her work place. There is a time factor in finishing this job, as her PODS (Portable On Demand Storage units)  must be returned at the end of the week or she'll have to pay for another month of storage. Our crew is primarily doing "finish" work throughout the home, including drywall mudding, caulking, and installing crown molding. Debbie is anxious to return to her normal surroundings and resume her responsibilities to the children she cares for.

Tuesday we worked at the home of Krystal Gains. Krystal (who is pregnant), her husband and 19 month old daughter had their home flooded when 18 inches of water washed down the hill behind their home. Parts of the house needed to be gutted and rebuilt. Today our assignment was to install drywall on the ceilings and walls of the family room/ office/storage rooms. The ceilings are vaulted to approximately 12 feet high, so we used a drywall "lift" to raise the 12 foot sheets high enough to screw them to the wall studs. The process is time consuming, but we managed to get the ceiling in one room, and most of the ceiling in the second room completed today.
Men with a plan
Women with power tools.  Oh yeah!!!!

Fear the drill!

Wednesday Morning

Good Morning.  It's about 7:30am here central time and we have gathered in the large meeting room awaiting our final instructions for the day.  Each morning the group is a little quieter as the work of the week begins to take its toll.  As we all stood last night for prayers you could hear the collective groans, even from our youngest member, Autumn.   But it's a good tired because it is a tired that comes from labor dedicated to the glory of God!  The rain of today and yesterday no doubt adds to the lethargy. 

After working yesterday five members of the group headed out to the Grand Old Opry.  They loved the show!  Doug and Linda met Linda's cousin, who lives in the area, for a night out.  The rest of us are anticipating Thursday when we will break at noon so we can participate in the culture for the remainder of the day. 

The first 1000 piece puzzle was completed last night.  Number 2 begins today. 

We miss our family and friends but are thankful for the new relationships we are building here in Nashville.